Oh my goodness, we’re moving!

So, we are definately moving to sunny Singapore, leaving rainy old London behind! We have lived in London together for five years now, so this will be a big and exciting move. I had my last day at work last week (so scary!) and am now officially one of the great unemployed.

Alex, very sweetly, insists that I am not unemployed, just ‘on a sabbatical’ – this makes it sound a lot better.

We don’t have long left in London – Alex is moving out on the 4th of November, and i’ll follow him on the 11th. He is, however, currently in Zanzibar soaking up the sun on holiday, the lucky sod, so I am rather jealous.

I am currently in Kent at my parents’ house, and will trot back up to London tomorrow morning to begin the arduous task of packing up all our posessions! Our flat is little, but we own everything in it, so it feels a bit daunting. Never mind –  it’ll be a good excuse to get rid of all the rubbish we have allowed to accumulate under the guise of ‘bargains’. Ahem.





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3 responses to “Oh my goodness, we’re moving!

  1. Sam

    I just have one word…”Why?”

  2. Tom Gordon

    I have to confess your blog is ART

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