Alex is back!

Hurrah, my boyfriend Alex is back! He went to Zanzibar for a week – it was a pre-booked holiday with his family before we found out we were moving. He had an amazing time, but is off again on Thursday on the 9.30pm flight from Heathrow to Singapore, and he isn’t coming back.


I’m going to be working at the World Travel Market in London from the 8th to the 11th of November, so we are trying to get the flat all packed up by the 13th and I shall fly at some point the week after that. I need to get a move on as Alex can’t start looking for apartments in Singapore until I get there!

We haven’t booked the shipping company yet – most expats I have spoken to have said they booked well in advance. The problem is, we didn’t have much notice of the move, and I need all our things up until I move out!

I’ve trawled the online forums for recommendations,and settled on two shipping companies that seem to be good – 1st Move International, who are based in London, and KC Dat, who are based in Singapore. Just waiting for our respective quotes and which can organise sooner, and I’ll book!

This is all very scary so to take my mind off it, I am REALLY looking forward to tomorrow! My lovely friend Kat is, in honour of her birthday, having a girlie day out at Thorpe Park, a big theme park in the UK, just outside London. I am SO EXCITED! I’m going to go on all the big scary rides…I think…


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