A Bit Of A Wobble…..

So, this evening is Alex’s last night in London – ever – and I am having a bit of a wobble! We have spent a lovely evening together and my friends Kat and Sam dropped in to say hi, and now he’s just off at the pub over the road from our apartment saying goodbye to Donovan, a good friend.

It has all suddenly hit me a bit that this is the last night we will be spending together in London – and it’s really scary! It’s all seeming very real now. It’s almost like the last few weeks have been a bit of a game, playing moving countries, but now i’ve just woken up and realised it’s actually real. Tonight was the first time I actually cried, and am feeling like a bit of an idiot. We are very lucky to have this opportunity and here I am, blubbing my eyes out!

I think a good night’s sleep and a trashy book in bed ought to sort me out…now, where did I put that Dairy Milk?!



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