A Job and A Flat…What More Does A Girl Need?

So, a couple of weeks into Singapore life, i’m starting to settle in a bit!

I’m starting to really like our little tiny weeny flat! It’s just a temporary one – Alex’s employment pass hasn’t come through yet, which means that we can’t really do much at all – can’t open bank accounts, can’t rent a flat – it all makes me feel a bit illegal, actually! But the little flat that Alex’s company has put us into is really nice, and his boss really sweetly sorted it all out for us. We are in here for a month, which takes us to the 22nd of December. I’ll be back in London from the 15th until the 25th (hurrah!) so we are really hoping that Alex’s EP comes through in the next week or so, so that we can get somewhere to live sorted out before I go, otherwise it’ll be another month here.

The flat is quite sweet – it’s a little studio in a new development called The Lumiere which is only 5 minutes walk from Alex’s work, so really perfect (Kitty, if you are reading this, it’s about the same size as yours!) It’s lucky that both Alex and I are slightly vertically-challenged otherwise it might be a bit of a squeeze in here. We are very central and can get pretty much anywhere in town within about 10 minutes. The view from the balcony is really fun – it overlooks the sea and all the shipping stuff, which Alex loves, seeing as it’s what has enabled us to come here.

Here’s the view:

The flat is also really funny –  just next to the bathroom, it has this little room which you step down into with a big solid door which can be locked from the inside. We keep our clothes in it, but according to a little note on the door, it’s actually a ‘Civil Defence Room’ whatever that may mean. The tagline is ‘Readiness is your only protection’ which freaks me out a little! I suppose it’s like a sort of panic room, that you can lock yourself into if there is trouble and wait until the police arrive – but it’s certainly not a standard feature of flats in London!

Here’s the note. I don’t know if you can read it, as unfortunately I selected my camera for it’s colour (pink) rather than its ability to take good photographs.

And whilst i’m here – here is the kitchen:



And yes, observant readers – that IS a bottle of the UK’s finest Fairy Liquid! I stumbled over this bottle at the back of a shelf in Cold Storage and attracted some very strange looks as I swooped down and scooped it up cackling in triumph, then shielded it inside my basket and slinked away. What can I say; a taste of home is precious to me!


And…I also have a JOB! I’m working for Alex’s Daddy, opening aSingapore Sales and Marketing office for his beautiful resort in Phuket, the Village Coconut Island.

I flew down to Phuket on Tuesday afternoon and back yesterday evening (that in itself excited me; being able to go to Thailand for the evening!) and had a look at how the resort is progressing. It has been closed for the last few months as the final phase of development was being completed – and it’s nearly there. There are some incredible touches going in – like an amazing Deli, which will stock parma ham, incredible cheeses and the like – with it’s own hand-built wood fired pizza oven! I sampled one of the pizza’s yesterday and OH MY GOODNESS it was amazing. Not something to eat every day, perhaps…

Here’s our friend and Assistant Resort Manager, Benjy, looking beautiful in front of the still-under-construction deli.



And here, in all it’s glory…it’s the star of the show: the pizza oven! Mmmm, delicious!


Sorry for yet another overlong post. I hope that everything is ok with everyone at home! Apparently the snow is incredible – I am very jealous! Any pictures gratefully received…

And lastly – a big hello to my lovely Auntie Pauline who got in touch today to tell me she’d been reading. Thank you and lots of love!

Jessica xxx



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4 responses to “A Job and A Flat…What More Does A Girl Need?

  1. Ian

    Wonderful posts and photos. This is the best blog I’ve read in years. I’m certainly going to be checking it daily for new posts, and telling all my friends about it. I’m so pleased I happened across it.

    ps Mummy and I are very proud of you.

  2. abigail

    i want a panic room

  3. Sporean

    It isn’t a panic room, it is basically a bomb shelter. Decades ago, they built bomb shelters underground. These days, they just build a small room in each apartment and call it a bomb shelter.

    Long live the Queen!

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