Once Upon A Time In Singapore…

‘Once upon a time in Singapore, an English couple sat down to dinner at a Himalayan restaurant in Little India with an Australian, an Indian, and a Japanese lady.’

Sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it? Well, this was our Sunday evening!

Alex’s lovely Australian colleague, Karl, who has lived in Singapore for years, kindly invited us to join him for dinner yesterday evening. We accepted, and he told us to head for a Himalayan restaurant – very aptly named ‘Everest’ – in Singapore’s Little India. I had never been to Little India before, and it was such an experience!

Just getting into the area by taxi was an event in itself. We were very surprised on getting to Little India to see the streets packed full of local residents, all standing outside in big, lively groups, chatting, sitting on the side of the road, and milling about. We had to drive very slowly to get to our restaurant without knocking anybody over! It was a completely different atmosphere to anywhere else we have seen yet in Singapore.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were introduced to Karl’s friends whom we were joining for dinner; a very nice Indian gentleman and a lovely Japanese lady who had spent many years living in Australia. After taking a quick look at the menu it became apparent that we had no idea what to order, so we sat back and let our food be ordered for us. And when it came – oh my goodness, it was incredible!

We had flat, freshly baked unleavened bread – sort of like naan bread, but thinner and more doughy, and stuffed with garlic and spices. We had paneer cheese in a thick spinach sauce, and a meltingly tender lamb Rogan Josh –  very different to what is served in Indian restaurants in England! There was an amazing basil chicken dish, and an incredibly bitter vegetable that looked sort of like celery – I think it is called Karela, but I might well be mistaken – which I only ate because our knowledgable Indian dining companion told me it was very good for my circulation!

Karl also saw me pointing to something on the menu called ‘Lady Fingers’ so he ordered it – delicious, wafer-thin strips of Okra fried with Cumin. Yummy!

So, in a way it was a bit like home, having a curry on a Sunday night – but what an experience! And – the best bit – the bill for five of us and a LOT of very good food came to just $60.00 – so about thirty pounds. Not per head – for the WHOLE MEAL. This, I could get used to!

Skipping back over the weekend, on  Friday evening we joined Nick and some of his lovely friends for some cocktails, and on Saturday we went for a lovely lunch at Boat Quay on the river. The view was gorgeous!

There are little turtle things in the river!

On Sunday we went to Sentosa for a relaxing day on the beach.

Here’s where we were:

Alex was very happy – we had some lunch, then he settled down with his book and slept for pretty much the entire afternoon – I think he needed it!

The weather here has been a bit so-so – it has been hot, but rainy and quite overcast. I am actually very jealous of all the snow you have been enjoying in England!

I am still enjoying it here but I am very, VERY excited about coming home for Christmas. Only nine days left now until I come back! I feel really bad about leaving Alex here, but he won’t be alone – he is spending Christmas in Thailand with his Daddy – and I really can’t wait to see my family and my friends. I am going to eat SO MUCH CHEESE. It is very expensive here. Cannot wait.

Over and out!


PS: Abs, you don’t actually want a panic room, it scares me. I am worried about shutting myself in.

PPS: Please send me some snow pictures! The best one will get a special Jessica award, which may consist of a macaroni necklace or similar.

If you do not send my any snow photo’s, I will have to resort to making my own, which is very time-consuming and not particularly effective. Like this.


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One response to “Once Upon A Time In Singapore…

  1. Kat

    Oh hurray for posting links on Facebook; I couldn’t remember the address.

    This all looks SO exciting! Will send you some snow pictures now, especially. Sentosa looks utterly beautiful. I can’t wait to come out and see it all.

    Almost fell over in excitement at your coming back in a few days, it feels like you’ve been gone months rather than weeks and very much looking forward to seeing you. xx

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