Feeling More Than A Little Chunky…

So, moving to Singapore. Land of humidity, outdoor pursuitsgreen tea, sashimi and a high water intake. Recipe for weight loss, you would think. Wrong, my friends, wrong!

For Singapore is also the land of refreshingly cool beer, condensed milk in your tea, ‘Mc Deliveries’ , and an utter inability to walk more than about fifty metres outside before keeling over in the heat.

This does not a trim waistline make.

Alex, in typical boy fashion (and probably due to being at work for about a squillion hours a day and so not actually having the chance to eat stuff) has lost weight. I have put it on. I only really noticed a couple of days ago, when I kicked the washing machine for shrinking all my clothes. It wasn’t until I tried on a dress that hadn’t yet been through the washing machine here and found it tight that I realised that I may have done the washing machine a disservice, and I might actually just have been eating too much.

Sweaty and scared, I was taunted with visions of me looking like this:


I decided that something had to be done. So, ladies and gentlemen – I hit the gym. There is a little gym in our building which I duly trotted down to, and after a bit of dubious poking of the machines I climbed on the treadmill and started to run. I will let you know how this new thing goes.

This, therefore, is my first piece of real advice to anyone who moves to Asia – learn to use a treadmill, or try to actually swim in your pool rather than just flopping around in it like I do. It’s too hot to exercise outside, and unless you eat practically nothing you will end up kicking your washing machine quite often.

In other news, thank you for all the snow pictures! I should be most grateful if you would keep them coming please; I cannot pick the best one yet as the amazing prize is not finished. Turns out that macaroni necklaces are quite tricky and time-consuming to make. So; more snow pictures please!

Lots and lots of love xxxxx





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6 responses to “Feeling More Than A Little Chunky…

  1. Kitty

    Oh Hai! Kitty – you were so slim before you left, if you were writing that you’d lost more I would be seriously worried for you and would be waiting at the airport for you with a tupperware box full of dripping on toast and you WOULD eat it.

    Can’t wait to see you – next week!

  2. Alex

    By the way, this is an utter fallacy. She has not put on a single pound!

  3. Sarah

    Aaargh – scary photo!
    Seriously, Kitty’s right – you didn’t have too much weight to lose. And it will all fall off once you’re back in sub-zero UK!! xx

  4. Kat

    Agree with Sam, you were teeny-tiny in the UK so don’t worry! Excellent Photoshopping though, have never seen such a serene Jabba the Williams. Plenty of snow pictures on Facebook, more on the way soon as I can figure out this blasted Blackberry! Lots of love to Alex and Nick

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