Beware the Poison Medicine of Doom

Just a quick post now to alert you to a rather retrospectively hilarious situation which at the time was not so hilarious.

So –upon arriving into Singapore from the UK after Christmas, I spent the night at the flat and then work up the next morning and started re-packing as I was due to fly to Phuket for New Year’s Eve.

However, I wasn’t feeling very well – I had been feeling a bit rough the night before but put it down to too much fudge on the plane. The morning came, though, and I felt worse, so I went to the doctor.

I must take a moment here to explain – I do not usually run to the doctor at the first sign of a cold. However, I did in this situation, because:

(i)                  My little sister who had been at home in England with me had been unwell whilst I was there, and subsequently diagnosed with swine’ flu, and;

(ii)                I was flying to Phuket later that day and didn’t want to get on yet another plane and infect lots of other people if I had a bug like that.

So, off to the doctor I trotted. After examining me, he told me that I was fine –I didn’t have the ‘flu, it was just a minor bug, and he gave me some pills to take. I asked them what they were, and he explained that they would just help my sore throat and get my temperature down.

I should have realised there was an issue when I got back and opened the box containing one of the medicines he gave me, a cough lictus, only to find it labelled ‘poison’!


Hee hee hee! Love it.

Anyway – I took all the medicines the doctor gave me, packed my stuff, and got on the plane to Thailand.

Once there I made my way to the Island, where Alex picked me up in the rib and we went straight to the boat, where we would all be staying for the next few days. It was a quick trip, as it was moored just across the bay by an island called Koh Rang, but I rapidly began to feel worse and worse. That evening, I struggled to eat, and went to bed early, where I quickly developed a really high temperature despite feeling FREEZING cold, and was sweating and shaking. The next morning I felt worse, so Alex took me to the local hospital, Bangkok International.

It was there that I saw a very nice young doctor, who examined me and was at a loss as to what was wrong with me. He then asked if I was taking any medicine. I reached into my bag and took out the pills the doctor in Singapore had given me, and he took one look at them and started shaking his head, crossly, and told me he knew what was wrong with me.

Worried, I asked him what it was (I was feeling so dreadful at this point, I was convinced it must be some sort of dreadful ‘flu-like lurgey, and death must be imminent). Still clearly angry, he picked up one of the packets of pills that the doctor in Singapore had given me, and gently explained that they should never have been given to me. They were, in fact, pills which were prescribed to car crash victims to help halt severe internal bleeding!

In other words – THEY were what had been making me feel so ill. Darnation.

He gave me another set of pills to counteract the effect of the bad drugs and let me go. Within a day, I was completely better.

So – the moral of the story – never, ever take any pills from a  doctor who is not your usual GP unless you understand what they are, what they are for, and only if you really need them.

Love from a much better Jessica xxxxxxx



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2 responses to “Beware the Poison Medicine of Doom

  1. Kat

    Utterly horrendous – and alcohol and sugar-free too, so not even vaguely distractive. Glad you’re much better now though, if utterly beset by storms! xxx

    • I KNOW – couldn’t they at least have included a tiny little bit of alcohol, or sugar at the very least, just to make it a little more exciting? I really think they ought to put brandy in all cough medicines, everyone would feel better so much sooner xxx

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