A Happy New Year…With A Mini Setback

I cannot BELIEVE it is 2011 already! That’s basically the future! Seriously – IT’S 2011. Surely we ought to have habitual moon holidays, robot housekeepers and hovercraft by now? Perhaps next year. I shall wait with bated breath.

At least the actual evening lived up to expectations! We saw in the New Year at The Village in Phuket, with Alex’s father and brother and various friends, and a lot of guests who were staying at the resort. We had been out boating during the day, and as the sun started to set we arrived back at the Island only to find it looking like something out of a film set!

There were about a hundred tables covering the beach, with white tablecloths flapping in the breeze and candles glowing everywhere. There was a mini stage set up for the evening’s entertainment – traditional Thai dancers, a Thai band, and our friend Ben DJ-ing! – and oh my goodness – the most incredible buffet. I’m not even exaggerating. There were mountains of fresh seafood – lobster, oysters – you name it, they had it. A great big roast suckling pig, piles of beautifully cooked local Thai food, a huge selection of cheese and meats and salami and things, and a table absolutely groaning with little pastries and puddings.

So, obviously, we all stuffed ourselves silly before settling down to watch the evening’s entertainment! The Thai dancers were great – I tried to get some photo’s but unfortunately they came out dreadfully as I forgot to put the flash on. The Thai band were fun, and our friend Ben did a great job DJ-ing, despite never having done it before – we all had a great time!

Here are the boys at the beach bar enjoying their drinks – from L-R; Tom, Stu, Brun and Alex.

When midnight came, Alex and I walked out to the beach and watched all the different fireworks being set off on the various nearby islands in Pang Nga Bay – idyllic. I managed to speak very briefly to my lovely parents (thank you, Nick Brown, for the use of your Blackberry; forever obliged!) and then we had a little dance and before I knew it, it was 6.00am, getting light, and definitely time to go to bed….I had even somehow acquired a golden mask.


All in all a wonderful New Year.

I then spent the next few days in Phuket whilst Alex flew back to Singapore to work. All was fine and dandy until I got a call from him a few days later explaining very gently that – for reasons that are far too boring and numerous to list here – we were unable to move into our own flat on the 22nd of January, as we had hoped, but would have to remain in serviced accommodation for the next three months.

Needless to say I wasn’t particularly happy about it and threw a bit of a wobbly (to be exact: I called Benjy in such a state of hysterics that he literally dropped everything and sprinted from the office to our villa because he thought I was being attacked or something)

Anyhoo, when I came to my senses and stopped being such a spoiled brat I remembered that when life deals you lemons, you are supposed to make lemonade, or some such equally saccharine thing.


So, here is my lemonade list:

(i)                  The new flat is bigger than the old flat. It’s still not big – only one bedroom, so we can’t have my parents to stay as I had        hoped – but at least it has more than one room!

(ii)                We are now in a completely different area, near Orchard Road, so it is interesting to explore a new bit of Singapore;

(iii)               The kitchen is no longer also my bedroom. The importance of this fact simply cannot be underestimated.

(iv)              The bed is bigger so we can both fit in it without elbowing each other in the face constantly;

(v)                There are three swimming pools! Three!

(vi)              We are now exactly 4 and a half minutes walk (I timed it) from my absolute favourite shopping centre in Singapore – Great World City.

Here is Great World City:

I love it because not only does it have a Cold Storage with one of the best cheese collections in the Eastern World (at about a squillion pounds an ounce I cannot justify buying it but my God I can look at it) – it also has a place in my heart because it spent huge amounts of money on a brand new fleet of shuttles and then spelt shuttle wrong on all of them.


Love it. Love it love it love it. It’s written one the sides, too.

So,ahem, as well as all that good stuff, I am also very happy in our new place because…[drumroll please]

All our things have finally arrived from England!!!

Yes, that’s right – after about twelve weeks, lots of very complicated communication and a whole lot of bad dreams about piles of broken china – our things have finally arrived.

I think the delivery men thought I was mad – they all sort of piled in, about eight of them, with all our boxes, and I was running around cackling and clapping with glee as they tried to put them down on the floor.

Here was the sight I had waited so long to see!

Oh, beautiful boxes.

Sadly, we didn’t manage to avoid breakages – I lost some rather nice things, including a beautiful Spode bowl, an antique china lamp and a very pretty pair of glass candle holders – but to be honest, it was my own silly fault for packing them in the first place, they weren’t exactly essentials.

Mmmm, I love unwrapping a big parcel of SHARDS.

However there were, of course,  plenty of things that remained unbroken and as soon as I have the place sorted out I shall take a photo so that you can see all our London things in a new setting. It’s very odd, but has made me feel so much more at home here. Isn’t it strange how ‘stuff’ can be so comforting?

Anyway – I have just realised how long this post is and thus what a horrible chunk of your time I have taken up, so I apologise and will now leave you to doubtless more fruitful pursuits.

Lots of love to you all!





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2 responses to “A Happy New Year…With A Mini Setback

  1. Kat

    According to Google Images, THIS is a fruitful pursuits: http://www.theiemommy.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/FCS_MockUp_FruitfulLG.jpg

    Lovely post as ever, so good to hear your news. xxx

  2. abigail

    i like lemons!

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