A Weekend of Food….Yum Yum!

So – I’ll cut to the chase. This past weekend was pretty much all about FOOD!

Most of my friends seem to be on detoxes post-Christmas. Whether it’s cutting down on the booze or existing solely on a diet of Edamame beans, tuna and strawberries (this is an actual thing, by the way, I didn’t even make it up) pretty much EVERYONE seems to be cutting down on something.

Well – not me. In preparation for my first birthday away from my beloved family and some of my  friends (I am a quarter of a century old on the 2nd of February!) I am racketing up the food intake to provide me with a cushion of happiness against being lonely on my birthday. Actually, that is all an utter lie – the gorgeous Kat Brown will be here to celebrate with, and I basically just like to eat and was just trying to formulate an excuse for doing it to excess.

Thus – this past weekend was spent guzzling!

Alex and I began by trotting over to Great World City – as I might have mentioned before, home of the SHUTTL bus, and my most favourite of favourite shopping centres in Singapore (as an aside: you can begin to get an idea of just how many shopping centres this tiny island has when I have a favourite!)

After strolling around Cold Storage and buying some wine, we thought we ought to get something to wash the lunchtime wine down with. As we had this thought, we simultaneously looked behind us and realised that we were standing next to an indoor fish market which also happened to sell….SUSHI! So, we decided to give it a shot.

The first thing we noticed about this place was the totally un-Eco advertising – amazing. On a huge banner, the place proudly proclaimed that ‘Our Fish Flown Fresh From Japan 3++ Times Week’.

Now, in England, this would SO not be a selling point – in the country where local is trendy and food miles are the new buzz word, flying your fish in from another country just because it tastes better is clearly not going to make your customers happy. I can just hear the foodies at Borough Market weeping over the food miles. But oh, my word, food miles be damned because the sushi was sublime!

Also, the ordering system was so cool – do you remember the Pick ‘n’ Mix counters they used to have in Woolworths, where you got your own little paper bag and you helped yourself to all the little sweets until you had a bag full of your tailor-made selection? (the jelly snakes were definately the best) Well, this was kind of the same – except with sushi!

I got a little plastic tub which held either 6, 8, 10 or 12 pieces (I chose 10: self indulgent but not monstrously lacking in restraint, was my reasoning) and then all the sushi was just laid out, freshly made and wrapped in tiny little cellophane parcels, for you to pick! There was an open kitchen with incredible sushi  men making new sushi to replenish the stock. The selection was amazing, I didn’t even know what most if it was.

So we filled our little tubs and went to the till apprehensively clutching our raw fish– where our total bill (including a bottle of soy sauce) came to about ten pounds. That, my friends, is value.

So – we picked our sushi and took it home and ate it. And it was out of this world. Seriously. I took some pictures for you but only thought of it half way through – so here is some half eaten sushi. However, from these you can get an idea of how much we got for our money!



However, as we sat down to eat, dear old Nick Brown turned up. He didn’t get sushi, as I was far too selfish to share, so we made him a sandwich. A ham sandwich. Forgetting that he doesn’t actually like ham. My God I am such a bad friend (he ate it, though, with a rather baleful expression on his face)

Anyhoo…after all that Sushi, we headed into town and spent the evening chilling out with a glass or two of lovely vino courtesy of The Wine Connection. Mmm.

The next day, seeing a spark of sunshine, we duly swimsuited-up and got a taxi to the Singapore fine-weather stalwart – Sentosa. Now, I know I have mentioned Sentosa before, but for those of you who have not been to Singapore, Sentosa is pretty much Singapore typified.

‘Oh, it’s hot? And we don’t have a beach resort? No problem, we’ll build one’. And build they did!

Sentosa is an entirely man-made playground of beautiful beaches (complete, in some cases, with polystyrene rocks) beach shops, theme parks, spas, and bars. There’s even a marina. Some of it is hideous, some actually quite nice.

Our favourite thing to do on a nice weekend is to head to Azzura, a slightly tacky (in a rather wonderful way) beach bar / club on a lovely strip of beach, with good food, pitchers of Corona and lime, and lots of lovely big squashy day-beds and sun loungers to lie on, and just soak up the sun and the atmosphere. Bliss.

This is the bit of beach by Azzura:

And these are the big squishy beds, possibly one of the greatest inventions of all time (second only to Diet Coke. And maybe the vacuum cleaner)

So, anyeway – as my English teacher used to say, I digress – we toddled off to Sentosa and grabbed some sunbeds at Azzura. After vague thoughts of going for some sort of salad, I ditched that idea and ordered the Azzura Burger, a thigh-busting combination of huge great big beefburger, cheese bacon, lettuce, onion, mayo and ketcup, all in a bun….mmm. And a vanilla milkshake to wash it down. Delicious.

Then, to aid digestion, the boys went and played with the bubbles in the Jacuzzi:

I just lay on my sun lounger and soaked up the view.

We left Azzura early evening and headed home, whereupon – against all logic – Alex and I decided to go out to dinner. We headed to a local stalwart, Spize – this place is stuffed to the rafters with locals every night, and if you turn up and they are full they just grab a plastic table and chairs from a pile and place it somewhere in the general vicinity of the restaurant. When we turned up they were very full, so we ended up eating in the doorway of a 7-11!

This place serves the most ridiculously-sized portions of food ever – every single drink, for a start, come in pints. Alex ordered chicken wings and an incredible-looking local curry which was too spicy for me by half. I had a Murtabak or مطبق as it was listed which was a sort of huge great thin chapati-like bread, stuffed with paneer and a sort of muttony-thing, then fried and put on your plate in one big slab.

It was epic. So huge I couldn’t finish it, and I had terrible stomach pains the next morning, but I didn’t care. Murtabak, you may now be added to my list of food friends.

So, in summary – this weekend I gained four pounds (which I don’t think is too bad, considering the circumstances) tried some totally new food, spent proportionally very little, and discovered that my digestion cannot handle that amount of food. Monday was painful, but oh! so worth it.

I hope you all had lovely weekends, and speak to you soon!

All my love,

Jessy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS: This is for Kitty.

Kitty – saw this in the supermarket. Thought instantly of you! x




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  1. NB

    You forgot to mention Ali being absolutely hammered…

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