With Banker’s Wife Away, The Girls Go Out To Play…

So, this past week, lucky old Banker’s Wife has been stuck in Hong Kong whilst the Banker is on a business trip. Before she left she issued strict instructions that none of us were to have too much fun whilst she was away.

Banker’s Wife – if you are reading this – we had an exceptionally, inordinately dull week.

Now stop reading.

Everyone else – that was an utter lie. We had a fricking great time!

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of our great friend Benjy’s company as he was over from Phuket. For anyone who does not know Benjy, here he is:

Benjy is the hardest working Assistant Manager that Coconut Island has ever seen so we felt he deserved a good old treat. Alex, Nick, TV Girl and I took him along to the trusty old Wine Connection for a perfect dinner, as always, which he tackled with commendable gusto.  After moving to the gorgeous Breeze bar at the Scarlet Hotel in Chinatown for some very good cocktails, we decided to give Benjy the full Singapore tourist experience and toddled down, slightly unsteadily, to Clarke Quay.

As soon as we pulled up in the cab, the boys suddenly all started pointing and chattering in an excited fashion, and it soon became clear what they wanted to do.

This: (photo courtesy of the Chang Mai Times)

This, my dears, is the G-Max Reverse Bungee Jump.

Basically, three of you are strapped into a tiny little wire cage attached to very high poles by bungee cords.

Once you are strapped in, the cords are wound up very, very tightly, and then you are tipped back and shot 60 metres up into the sky in a horrendously sudden motion – 200 kilometres an hour, according to the website.


TV Girl and I decided to let the boys get on with it, so they duly trotted up to the booth, bought tickets, and clambered into the cage where they were strapped in and all of a sudden, started to look a bit green.

But, alas, it was too late. After an agonising wait of what seemed like hours but in reality was only about five minutes, they were suddenly shot into the sky and we could hear them yelling their heads off from our safe place on the ground.

A few minutes later it was all over, and I started to gather up our things ready to consign the reverse bungee experience to happy memory.

However, Alex and a beautifully inebriated TV Girl had other ideas, and before I knew it I was sitting in the contraption being strapped in, desperately trying not to wail like a small child.

This had been us before the ride – content, happy and unworried (by the way; that is not under-boob sweat. It is a shadow. A shadow!!)

I shall not describe the ride to you in too much detail. Suffice to say that when, just before taking off, the bloke manning the contraption told us that there had only been ‘sixty deaths this year’ (clearly a lie) and I consequently started to scream, very, very loudly, and didn’t stop. At all. Until we got back on the ground.

Now, I have done a bungee jump before with my Daddy when I was younger, but this was – please excuse my French – bl**dy awful.

If you are a thrill-seeker with no fear in you, do this.

If you are a scaredy-cat with a bellyful of wine in you, do not do this.

It will only lead to sickness and subsequent humiliation. Oh – and they film your faces throughout the whole thing. This was us afterwards:

And this was us DURING *

*please note: artist’s impression


Suffice to say – we all sobered up pretty quickly and made our shaky way home!

The following Saturday was much more civilised.

We began the evening at the Lantern Bar, which is on top of the Fullerton Bay Hotel. The Fullerton Bay itself is really gorgeous – right on the water, it’s a bit more laid back than the Fullerton proper and I think I actually prefer it.

The bar is beautifully laid out, with a swimming pool in the middle and absolutely ridiculously stunning panoramic views across the water:

Gorgeous! We met a few of Alex’s colleagues here for cocktails as we were all heading over to a 30th birthday party on Sentosa later in the evening.

We ate some wonderful Quesadillas which they served cut up as a bar snack – really warm and oozy and cheesy and delicious and…oh my goodness I am getting a craving for them as I type this. Let me just go to the fridge and get some cheese.

I am now back from getting cheese.  I cannot give an opinion on the cocktails as I was very boring having stuck to the ubiquitous Vodka and Diet Coke, but the Caipirinias certainly looked good and everyone seemed to enjoy them very much.

We then cabbed it over to Sentosa, where the party was being held at the utterly stunning Capella Hotel. This little beauty sits atop a small hill on Sentosa and the views from the back terrace, where the party was being held, were really wonderful and I wished that we could have been there at sunset.

The hotel is reached by a rather dramatic sweeping driveway, and as you approach you see the front of the hotel which is made up of gorgeous old British colonial buildings dating from the 1880’s. The back of the hotel, however, is a total juxtaposition – designed by Sir Norman Foster, it’s really modern!

See what I mean; here’s the front:

…and the back:

(all pictures courtesy of Capellahotels.com/Singapore. It was dark so my pictures did not come out so well…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

The party was really fun – the champagne was freeflow, which was good for us (but maybe not our host), as the drinks were on the pricy side – $18.00 SGD for a small spirit and mixer. But nevertheless a really gorgeous place with really top notch service,  and a good choice if you fancy getting off Singapore for the evening (apparently the brunch there is great, too!)

Our evening ended with the ubiquitous ill-advised late-night Rickshaw ride home which always seems like a great idea when you see the size of the taxi queue but when you get home an hour later and fifty dollars poorer you understand why everyone waits for a car.

You can totally see all the locals thinking ‘silly expats’ as you pootle past at minus five miles an hour but – hey, it’s fun, and you get to take in the scenery!

The next day we spent a gorgeous Sunday soaking up the sunshine at a beautiful little café called the Istanbul Grill on Bussorah Street, right behind the Sultan Mosque, just off the better-known Arab Street.

Here is Bussorah Street – very pretty!

The food at the café was excellent, and the owner really friendly. We had plenty of gorgeous mezze, and the boys loved the perfectly thick, black Turkish coffee.

The Baklava was good too, if a little on the heavy side – but they made it for us on request so no complaints there!

TV Girl and I then left the boys to it for a bit and wandered off to explore and shop in some of the pretty little shops in the surrounding streets.

This place, for anyone who likes wicker (and I am an avid wicker fan; I rented ‘The Wicker Man’ from Blockbusters thinking it was  a cinematic homage to basketry – dreadful error, the film is terrifying) is pretty much Mecca:

If you are not so much into the wicker, there are plenty of other shops offering pretty much anything – from the current trend here, fake fox tails to hang on your handbags:

(I know…I don’t really get it either!)…

…to vintage shops selling everything from 1930’s fridges to Robots.

Here is the Robot and Vintage Toy collection in one such place, aptly named the ‘Children Little Museum’:

TV Girl liked the robots so much, she decided to take one home with her!

TV Girl then, in a moment of memorific genius (yes, yes, I know that’s not a word but I like the sound of it, so there) spotted a sign to Haji Lane and remembered that her magazine had described it as basically Singapore’s answer to London’s Brick Lane, with numerous fabulous little fashion boutiques.

The magazine was correct.

The entrance is pretty small, so you really have to look for it, but it’s well worth a visit, as most of the stuff in the shops is unique and of exquisite quality.

The only exception to this was a pair of Primark shoes proudly displayed in one such shop….with an asking price of $59.00 SGD.

Yes, nearly thirty quid. For a pair of used four-quid Primark shoes.


So, there we go. Ladies – if you want to wear Primark but still be dressed in cutting-edge street fashion – come to Singapore. (Well, you’ve got to love them for trying!)

Anyway – Banker’s Wife is back now. So, just to reassure here, it was a dreadful weekend. Epically, horrendously, massively, uncompromisingly boring.

All my love,

Jessy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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7 responses to “With Banker’s Wife Away, The Girls Go Out To Play…

  1. A fricking fabulous description of a very – boring – week. Am also hugely impressed by how sleek your hair is still, a tribute to Phyto if ever there was one! Lovely descriptions of everything and some fabulous new places to try. Gorgeous. xxx

  2. Also, BLESS YOU re Wicker Man. BLESS YOU.

  3. Kitty

    Kitty – made me laugh so much with your Wicker Man comment and pretty much most of this post…I love and miss you but am glad that you have lots of nice friends to go shopping with…I might have to attempt a Primark Challenge soon but it won’t be the same if I’m competing against myself… xxxx

    • Yes, it will – you can visit the Oxford Street one and the Sham one and see whcih yields the better goods – thus it is Primark competing against itself! Miss you terribly. On island now with Mummy and Daddy and my laptop has decided to hate me but it is ok at the moment (thought it still won’t let me run Yahoo) so I will try to email you and hopefully it will get through. If it doesn’t, write an email to yourself and sign it ‘lots of love Jessy’ and it can be from me, I am sure I will share the sentiments exactly xxxxx

  4. Bette

    There is only one thing better than shopping in Hong Kong, and that’s eating. From small noodle joints to upscale French restaurant, you will locate all sorts of restaurant, eating hall and snack stall on earth in Hong Kong. Here I found small amount of Hong-Kong-styled snacks online (http://SORRYIBLOCKEDYOURLINK.COM). This is definitely a good choice before I have $ for another trip.

  5. dominic

    hi there,

    i am a singaporean and i was doing some research on the local urban history. i thought it’ll be interesting for you to know that the photograph you took at bussorah street is third of five significant landscape changes they have done to the place.the flowers that make up the bulk of your photograph no longer exist and it has been since cleared for a pavement with a sorta floor mural (what i’m to believe as islamic semiotics).

    this image will help in my research and i’m glad i stumbled onto your site.
    Keep posting and thanks for being the anonymous help you never knew you’d be one day!;)

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