Weather’s Rubbish? Go And Shoot Things!

One of my favourite things about being in Phuket is that it is very hard to have a bad old grumpy day when you wake up to a view like this:

When I am in Singapore, I am much more likely to wake up to a looming cockroach (yes, observant friends – you will notice that this is the same fiendish specimen that was in my bath the other month)

The rest of Mummy and Daddy’s stay went by very quickly – far too quickly for my liking! The weather had been pretty bad – I don’t know if you saw on the news but there was a lot of flooding in Southern Thailand and Krabi and Koh Samui in particular were, sadly, rather badly affected.  Phuket was ok, just very, VERY rainy.

So, what to do on a rainy day in the tropics? Go to the cinema? No – too cold, and the subtitles are headache-inducing. Go shopping? No, I always seem to lose huge amounts of money and only come back with one pair of knickers and a strange Asian face-pack that I have been forcibly coerced into buying by a mean bully of a sales lady.

No – sod that, we decided to go to the gun range.

Now, the shooting experience in Thailand is very different to that at home. In England, there would be all sorts of things you would need to do before you actually shoot a gun.

I am sure you would need to sign release forms, produce certificates showing that you were properly trained in not being a serial killer – that sort of thing. But in Thailand, you simply turn up, pay your money and wham, bang! You shoot! (not people, obviously, because that would be horrific and illegal. Just paper targets).

You get to choose from a huge range of guns – shotguns (complete with paper duck targets so that you can practice catching your supper) handguns and, yes – they have AK47’s!

They even take pictures of you looking cool with guns, just as an ultimate two fingers up to the UK PC brigade:

The pink cardigan sort of spoils the effect – if I had know there would be photo’s I would have worn leathers.

It’s such great fun and, rather scarily, my Daddy is actually a really good shot. I think he is a secret spy!

After getting back, tired and happy from shooting lots of bits of paper, we sat about getting ready for our evening’s entertainment – an evening at a new restaurant / circus in Phuket called Palazzo.

This circus-themed extravaganza is an amazing mix of restaurant and theatre – apparently very popular in Russia, but this was the first of its kind I had been to.

Basically, you all sit down in a beautiful replica big-top circus tent and you are entertained by a supremely talented group of actors, musicians and dancers whilst being served a delicious five-course meal.

What a freaking amazing idea!

My parents and I were joined that evening by Alex’s daddy and his lovely girlfriend. Upon drawing up to Palazzo, we were immediately impressed by the theatrical exterior, complete with long red carpet:

And the inside was even better!

I can truly say that I reverted wholly to childhood for that magical couple of hours. The entertainment was incredible.

I sat open mouthed, fly-catching for most of it – I have not been that spellbound since I was a little girl.

I shan’t describe too many of the acts to you in case I ruin the experience for any of you who will go. However, I did take some photo’s sneakily on my phone.

Here is the ‘chef’ rotating two ‘waitresses’ on a broom – amazing!

And here is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life – a lady flying through the air using nothing but two strips of cloth for support. She wasn’t attached in any way.

I have never seen anything like it before and I would go and see it again in a heartbeat – it was incredible!

I wish I could do that, but I think I lack the necessary grace and co-ordination skills.

They had plenty of audience participation, if you like that sort of thing (being English, we don’t, but when tapped on the shoulder Alex’s Daddy very gamely got up and played his part!) and the food was beautifully presented (although, I must say – some of the flavours were a bit hit-and-miss, but I forgave them because of the flying lady):

All in all – an utterly incredibly, spellbinding evening, and I can’t recommend it enough.

The website is at if you want to have more of a look.

When the time came to leave Thailand, we were very sad, as Mummy and Daddy were flying back to England from Singapore that evening.

However, before they headed off to the airport and away from me there was just time for a special treat – the Frenchman had kindly provided some macaroons from Ladurée, that venerable institution that has been making macaroons in Paris since 1862 – and they didn’t seem any worse the wear for suffering the flight over from France!


After munching away on more than a few of these and having a last cup of tea, I was forced to stop procrastinating and say goodbye to my parents because their taxi arrived.

So, feeling very tearful, I waved them off and they started their long journey back home to England.

The next day, feeling a bit sorry for myself with sudden lack of parental company, I rang TV Girl and we went for a pedicure.

Pedicures are one of the reasons I love Singapore – for about ten pounds you can get an incredible, professional pedicure and thus maintain beautiful painted and buffed trotters all year round!

There’s a great place I love in Chinatown, where the lady does a great job and tries not to wince at my hideous feet.

They also have a sign in the loo which I love:

What is spoilt? Who spoilt it? How did it spoil? I think we must accept that it will remain forever a mystery.

After our preening, we succumbed to a glass of wine and a snack at the Chinese Heritage Museum just by Chinatown MRT. I love this place – it’s small and pretty and quaint, and we shared a duck roll which was really fabulous:

The rest of last week was pretty quiet. TV Girl hosted a beautifully civilised dinner party mid-week to which Banker’s Wife and a few other friends came – it descended into chaos pretty quickly.

See? Disgraceful. I, of course, refrained from such unbecoming behaviour.

Alex and I were in Phuket at the weekend, and were enchanted to be entertained by a live musician in the hospital when going to pick up Alex’s prescription on Saturday morning.

Seriously – how cool is that? Everyone was very happy and relaxed just listening to the soothing music. I think we ought to do that in England, it would make waiting times so much more tolerable!

After that, Alex and his Daddy went off to play a very long game of golf, urgh, so I had a good old ride around Phuket Town on Saturday and did some shopping with Alex’s daddy’s girlfriend (she is a good scooter rider but an absolutely horrible navigator, and I say that in a loving way – we were on the bike for a long time, hence the photo’s!)

On Sunday we had a lovely day out on the water as the weather was beautiful.

I was even allowed to drive the Corsair, so I knew that Alex’s Daddy must be in quite a good mood.

And we stopped the boat and admired the sunset over Pang Nha Bay, which was one of the loveliest I had seen in a while.

The end to another weekend – where do they all go?

I hope that you are all well, happy and full of nice food. I will leave you with this random but absolutely unmissable picture of undoubtably the tackiest telephone I have ever seen in my life – it was at a shop in Plaza Singapura in Singapore, and I have no words to describe it.

See what I mean?

Until next week!


Jessy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




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6 responses to “Weather’s Rubbish? Go And Shoot Things!

  1. Annalisa

    Ahah, love your post! So, I can solve the spoilt mistery for you. Translated from Chinese it says: Do not use – broken. Guess it’s one of the many chinglish you can find around Asia 😉

  2. Jenn

    Just to let you know, I chanced upon your blog some time back and have been an avid reader since! I love the way you blog and those funny pictures. keep it up!

  3. Jana

    I love living in Singapore but I know what you mean when you say waking up in Phuket is so different. To me, it seems the sky is a brighter blue and you can hear birds and the ocean instead of construction and traffic noise. I try to go there as often as possible before we have to return back to the States, meh…

    Keep writing, I love your posts 🙂


    • Thank you, Jana! I’ll keep writing if you keep reading 🙂 very eloquently put; the sky IS a brighter blue! Looking forward to getting there at the weekend, hope you get back out soon. All the best, Jessy x x

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